Raids start at 6 pm server time lasting for 3 hours. Discord is a required application to use for voice communication. A microphone is not required.

Do your research. If you don't know or understand a fight, watch some videos or discuss it with someone beforehand. During the raid is not the time to explain the basics of the encounter.
Be considerate - don't be late. Raids start on time.

When forming the raid: if you need an invite to the raid type it in guild chat.
When forming the raid: if you need a summon type it in raid chat.
Bring your health pots, foods, runes, and flasks -- enough for 3+ hours of raid time.
Bring 1x Bountiful Captains Feasts to hand to an officer identified at the beginning of the raid.

During Raid

While clearing trash, general shenanigans in voice communication is allowed. Once we start boss fights, voice comnmunication is to be used only used for key players making calls for the raid.

Post Raid
Review your logs and see where you can improve.
Continuously strive to complete higher mythic+ dungeons.

Raid Bind on Equip Policy
If a BoE drops for you and it is an upgrade, equip it.
If it is not an upgrade for you, guildmates roll if it is an upgrade.
If the item is not an upgrade for anyone - sell it deposit 1/2 the cost to the guild bank.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply in this thread.